Paid for by Committee to Elect Jason Ross


Thank you for your contribution to the Committee to Elect Jason Ross!

A campaign requires many resources (advertising, lawn signs, bumper stickers, etc.) and we would not be able to put together a successful campaign without loyal supporters like you. 

Some examples of how far your generous donation will go:

$5 can buy a Facebook Ad
$50 can buy a roll of stamps
$100 can buy 50 bumper stickers
$200 can buy 50 lawn signs
$500 can buy a newspaper ad
$1000 can buy a weeks worth of radio advertising
Any donation you can give to help our campaign would be greatly appreciated. 

An individual may contribute up to $1000.00 per calendar year.  State law prohibits corporate contributions. 

If you prefer to make a contribution by personal check or money order, please remit to:

The Committee to Elect Jason Ross
123 North Elm St, West Bridgewater, MA 02379


Cash contributions cannot exceed $50.00.

The committee is required to report the occupation and the employer of persons who contribute $200.00 or more in a calendar year. 

Most importantly, thank you again for your support!